8 Fun Christmas Gifts Only Available Here!

8 Fun Christmas Gifts Only Available Here!

Christmas is only a few weeks away now! Why buy ordinary gifts that anyone can get from a local store? Here at Persian Paws Boutique we offer unique items at affordable prices! You won't find these gifts anywhere but our store!

1. AirFish™ - Remote Flying Fish

The perfect gift for the remote control lover! Great for parties and concerts!

Buy this AirFish™ - Remote Flying Fish here! 🐟

2. Black Color Pulsing Mood Ring™

This pulsing mood ring uses new technology to create a dazzling effect like no other! 

  • Great for dance parties 
  • A modern spin on the mood ring
  • Teens will go crazy over this stocking stuffer 

Click Here To Buy This Mood Ring Here 😃

3.Enchanting Moon Night Light

  • Real appearance of the moon
  • Hold it in your hand and put anywhere you like
  • Perfect gift for the astronomer 

Buy Enchanting Moon Night Light Here! 🌖

4. Leddy™ - The Amazing LED Teddy

  • Seven amazing color-changing modes!
  • Ultra-plush, super soft material (perfect for kids/babies)
  • Squeeze Leddy's tummy to turn him off/on

Get your Leddy™ - The Amazing LED Teddy Here! 🐻

5.Retro Mini NES HD Video Game Set

This is all the retro video game lovers' dreams come true! 600 Built-in games from the original Nintendo. HD plug allows you to play on your old games like never before!

Get a Retro Mini NES HD Video Game Set Here! 🎮

6. Remote Control Cockroach

Want to prank a friend who’s afraid of cockroaches? 

    • Who will expect a remote controlled cockroach?
    • The purrfect cat toy!
    • High frequency infrared remote control operation.

Get A Remote Control Cockroach for the perfect prank here! 😧

7. Sequin Changing Emoji Pillows

      • Slide your hand to change the face emoji! 
      • Every Pillowcase Has 2 Emoji Facial Looks
      • It's comfortable and beautiful

Get your Sequin Changing Emoji Pillows Here! 😀 😍 🙄

8. Magic Flying Butterfly

Last but not least on our 2017 Christmas gift ideas is this Magic Flying Butterfly! 

Surprise your loved ones today with the magical butterfly that comes to life once your recipient opens his/her card!

Get a set of 5 Magic Flying Butterflies for only $11 here! 🌻

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